Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Pads
Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Pads
Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Pads

Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Pads

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Add a plush pillowtop pad to take the softness to the next level. The Royal-Pedic and Royal Cloud Pillowtop Pads are made with our breathable all cotton covering, all natural French wool to help regulate body temperature and resist dust mites, Comfort Fill for added cushioning, and Talalay latex which conforms and supports the body’s natural curves for a supple, yet supportive feel.

ROYAL-PEDIC 2.5" - 3″ PILLOWTOP PAD – Tapered Edge Construction Add a plush surface feel, while maintaining mattress firmness and support. A great choice in combination with the Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattress for that perfect not to hard, not too soft level of comfort. Another favorite is the Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Pad on top of the Royal Latex or Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattresses to add more surface plushness for enhanced luxurious comfort.

ROYAL CLOUD 4″ AND 5″ PILLOWTOP PADS – Boxed Edge Construction To take comfort to the next level, add either the Royal Cloud 4″ or 5″ Pillowtop Pad to the Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattress. With even more Talalay latex cushioning than the Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Pad, you can experience “Cloud Like” comfort, while still providing good back support.

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  • Breathable All Cotton Covering
  • Exquisite French Wool to Wick Away Moisture
  • Comfort Fill for Added Plushness
  • Talalay Latex Cushioning

Advantages of the Separate Pillowtop Pad Over Pad Sewn on Both Sides of the Mattress:

  1. Fitted sheets pull on easier.
  2. Removing the pad when rotating the mattress means less weight to handle.
  3. Closer to normal bed height.
  4. May enhance life span of underlying mattress.

After Care Service

In order to facilitate long-term relationship with our clients, after-service is a valuable element in our program. We have an in-house washing system imported from Germany specifically designed to wash your delicate down and down-filled bedding. 

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