After Purchase Care - Launder

In order to facilitate long-term relationships with our clients, after-service is a valuable element in our program. We have an in-house washing system imported from Germany specifically designed to wash your delicate down and down-filled bedding. Using mild “down-friendly” soaps, cleansing is complete and recuperative. As damp down is conducive to odor, the item is dried at a low temperature for an extended period of time. This ensures thorough dryness. The item is returned to you rejuvenated!



When your comforter is ready to be washed, please be sure to use a service that is experienced in the delicate process of down comforter washing. Harsh chemicals and high heat can damage down clusters.

The Cozy Down Clean Wash uses laundry equipment imported from Germany and specially engineered to wash down comforters. A very mild cleaning solution preserves the integrity of delicate down clusters. Your comforter is dried at low heat for an extended period of time (depending on size, thickness and construction) using a unique Microwave program to ensure it is thoroughly dried. Down comforters that are not dried properly can result in a strong unpleasant odor.