About Us

Why Cozy Down?

Why we got into
this industry

We decided to manufacture in the USA instead of importing finished goods because we wanted to be a part of creating something so pivotal to good health and wellness which is good sleep.

Our Inspiration:
Bedding That Fits Your Life

We all have different needs, so we wanted to offer customizable options hence "Bedding that fits your life" became our inspiration and our motto: custom sizes, custom weights, mix and match materials.

Down comforters are often listed as "basic" or "utility" bedding. We say, no.

Duvet covers get all the attention because they are so beautiful and eye catching but it's the down comforter that is key in helping you achieve restful sleep. High quality down is naturally sweat wicking, insulating, light weight and gives your bed a cloud-like allure.

Our craftsmanship

We're not in the business of selling cheap to sell fast. We sell quality. Because we are manufacturers we care greatly about every material, every trim, every part of the packaging that goes into Cozy Down bedding. We do not simply buy finished comforters, stitch our label on and resell them. In our decades of working with various suppliers around the world, we have found the best quality materials that are the most durable and most beautiful.

We do not cut corners to save a few dollars. We only use top quality materials: fabric, high cluster down, extra strong yet smooth thread to avoid pulling and scratching which leads to leaking over time. We do not mass produce and leave inventory on the shelves. We prefer handcrafting made to order to give you the freshest version of our bedding that we can.

Always in search of unique materials

Please visit our Galaxy with carbon fiber, prints, microfiber for anti-leaking, gorgeous silk jacquards, authentic Eider down pages.

What is "high quality down"?

High cluster percentage and high fill power (FP). In the USA, the minimum required down cluster content is only 75% to earn the label of “down comforter”. Cozy Down’s minimum requirement is a lofty 85%, 90%, 95% with 700FP - 850+ FP. The more clusters there are, the less chance of the filling material poking out and leaking through. The higher the FP the larger the clusters are which trap air for insulation.

Our dedication to our customers

We don't stop at selling. We want to maintain long standing relationships with our customers so we decided to develop our Cozy Down After Service. We imported specialized equipment from Germany to wash the down material and launder finished comforters. We offer refurbishment and laundering services.

Proudly manufactured in the USA.  Family owned and operated since 1988.