Royal Latex Mattress
Royal Latex Mattress
Royal Latex Mattress
Royal Latex Mattress
Royal Latex Mattress

Royal Latex Mattress

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The Royal Latex is our firmer latex mattress version. It features our Swiss designed 7-Zone Talalay latex inner core surrounded by layers of pristine staple cotton, and hand tufted to secure the cotton layers resulting in a firmer feel.

The inner core of the mattress is comprised of 7 zones ergonomically designed for uncompromising comfort. It features softer shoulder and hip areas for pressure point relief, and a firmer lower back area to provide bouyant support. Compared to springs in a mattress, latex is more motionless for a denser feel of support.

Add any one of our Pillowtop Pads to combine surface plushness with the bouyant support of the Royal Latex Mattress. When adding the Royal-Pedic 3″ Pillowtop Pad it changes the firmness rating from a 2 to a 3, or when adding a Royal Cloud 4″ or 5″ Pillowtop Pad it becomes a 4 in the firmness rating within our line.

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Firmness Rating:

Mattress Thickness: 8.5″ approx.
Box Spring: 8″ standard, or 6″ low profile upon request
  • Breathable All Cotton Covering
  • Artisan Hand Tufting
  • Natural Flame Barrier
  • Pristine Staple Cotton Padding
  • Ergonomically Designed 7-Zone Latex Core
  • Pin-Core Construction
  • Symmetrically Designed
  • Hypoallergenic, Dust Mite Resistant
  • Consistent Support Regardless of Room Temperature
  • Two Sided Construction for Longevity
  • Double Diamond Box Spring


After Care Service

In order to facilitate long-term relationship with our clients, after-service is a valuable element in our program. We have an in-house washing system imported from Germany specifically designed to wash your delicate down and down-filled bedding. 

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