Elevate Your Sleep: The Benefits of Investing in a Premium Natural Mattress

When it comes to bedding, most people focus on aesthetics - luxurious sheets or stylish duvet covers. But the foundation of sublime sleep lies with your mattress and comforter. At Cozy Down, quality materials and American craftsmanship are our obsession. Just as we refuse to cut corners with our down comforters, we hold our mattresses to the highest standards.

Our Inspiration: Bedding That Elevates Sleep 

Your bedding plays a pivotal role in overall health, wellness and quality of life. The wrong mattress or comforter can leave you tossing, turning and battling aches and pains. That's why our motto is "Bedding That Elevates Sleep" - we want you to wake rejuvenated, ready to conquer your day.

Like our customizable comforters, we believe your mattress should fit your unique needs and sleep style. That's why we offer specialty mattresses and a range of down comforter varieties to provide the perfect warmth and weight.

The Premier Mattress Collections 

When you choose a Premier Natural mattress, you're investing in wellbeing. Handcrafted in the USA with the finest natural materials:

Premier Natural Latex Quilt-Top - Ultra-premium, thick breathable layers of 100% Talalay latex quilted into organic cotton. Latex conforms to curves while providing buoyant support.

Premier Natural Cloud Pillowtop - The soft outer covering is made with organic cotton for breathability, and is quilted with layers of all natural French wool to wick away moisture for a dry sleeping environment, and provide even surface temperature. Under the quilting is layering of all natural Talalay latex for added comfort and pressure point relief to hips and shoulders.

Premier Natural Cotton with Wool Wrap - Pure organic cotton quilted with temperature-regulating wool over a supportive innerspring system.

The Science of Natural Materials 

The real beauty is the science-backed benefits of natural materials:

  • Latex is ultra-durable, antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites
  • Wool regulates temperature and wicks moisture
  • Chemical-free cotton provides a healthier sleep environment
  • Targeted coil systems provide ergonomic back support
  • Pocketed coils reduce sleep partner disturbance

Our mattresses are designed for years of superior comfort, never compromising quality.

Handcrafted in the USA 

While many brands import cheaply made products, our Premier Natural mattresses are proudly crafted by artisans in USA workshops. We have decades of experience meticulously sourcing and working with the finest natural materials and textiles.

You can feel the difference in our handcrafted quality - from the intricately hand-tufted toppers to the robust edge-to-edge coil support systems. We take great pride in being a USA manufacturer and family-owned company.

Uncompromising Quality & Customization 

At Cozy Down, every comforter is a masterpiece in our eyes. We handcraft each piece on-demand, never mass-producing, using only premium materials like extra-durable threads to prevent down leakage.

Understanding that sleep needs are unique, we take customization seriously - offering custom comforter sizes, weights, down types and even mix-and-match materials. Our "Bedding That Fits Your Life" philosophy ensures you find the perfect sleep setup.

Caring for Your Investment 

A Cozy Down comforter or mattress is an investment, and with proper care it will provide years of sublime comfort:

Comforters: Launder gently with mild detergent or professionally dry clean periodically to rejuvenate 

Mattresses: We recommend flipping/rotating regularly. Consider our mattress topper pads for added plushness.

Elevate Your Sleep

Don't settle for restless nights and mornings plagued by aches and pains. Elevate to rejuvenating sleep with Cozy Down's sublime comforters and Premier Natural mattresses. Embrace the natural luxury of our Latex Quilt-Top, the heavenly softness of our Cloud Pillowtop, or the pure comfort of our Cotton with Wool Wrap mattress.

However you sleep, we'll handcraft a mattress and comforter engineered for your needs. Experience sleep so restorative, you'll never want to get out of bed - that's the Cozy Down difference.