Create the Ultimate Sleep Sanctuary Complete with a Luxury Down Comforter

Have you ever noticed how you seem to have the best sleep when you sleep in a nice hotel bed?

Hotel beds are like a heavenly, white, fluffy cloud that inspires the deepest of sleeps. But how are hotel beds so comfortable?

It’s a known fact that hotels invest a lot into their beds and sheets - crafting the perfect formula of mattress, pillows and bed linen to ensure their customers have the best possible experience so that they will hopefully return for another stay. This includes paying attention to the smallest details like the number of down pillows adorning the bed, the addition of a high quality down comforter, the softest cotton sheets, and all-white bed spreads to add to the peaceful environment. It’s the perfect recipe for success.

Cozy Down has crafted premium bedding products, including high quality luxury down comforters, to match the luxury hotel experience. 

What is “high quality” goose down?
Not all comforters are made equal. The best of the best, without a doubt, is goose down filling. Lighter yet warmer and cozier than duck down, goose down has a long history of having excellent breathability, allowing for good absorption and quick drying. It is multi-seasonal: cool during the warmer months and wam during the colder months. And, if maintained correctly, a goose down comforter can be used for over a decade, making it a practical and long-term purchase.

When it comes to the quality of a luxury down comforter, this is determined by cluster percentage and high fill power (FP). 

In the USA, the minimum required down cluster content is only 75% to earn the label of “down comforter”. Cozy Down’s minimum requirement is a lofty 85%, 90%, 95% with 700FP - 850+ FP. The more clusters there are, the less chance of the filling material poking out and leaking through. The higher the FP the larger the clusters are which trap air for insulation.

The high fill power and high cluster percentage of Cozy’s luxury down comforters will have you sighing a breath of contentment as you sink into the sheets. 

Two undeniable benefits of high quality goose down

  • Achieves the perfect sleep temperature
  • Typically, the first thing people will mention who have experienced goose down, is the different level of warmth they experience when compared to comforters made from other materials. While the fluffy and breathable cotton cover feels luxuriously smooth and light on the skin, the insulating capacity of the goose down is what ensures you remain toasty and cozy during the colder months. But never too toasty! The goose down has proven to be pleasantly breathable so that you will not overheat at any point of the night.

  • Has increased durability
  • If you have used cotton-based comforters before, you will have noticed that there can be some unpleasant changes that occur over time. Often there will be a shift of cotton on one side of the comforter, making it heavier on the one side and less comfortable. In addition, they are more difficult to maintain due to them being harder to launder, which is where goose down seems to sweep in and save the day! They are much easier to look after. 

    Pro tip: Lay the comforter in the sun for 1-2 hours every two weeks to make sure you keep it in the finest shape possible.

    9 ways to create the ideal sleep sanctuary
    There are a whole host of things you can add to your sleep environment to enhance your sleep. Achieving good quality, restful sleep can dramatically improve your quality of life. A good night’s rest makes you less irritable, gives you more energy, helps you learn better, improves your physical health, evens out your mood and more.

    One way to achieve better sleep is by setting up your bedroom and sleeping conditions to help you relax after a long day. Here’s how:

  • Invest in a high-quality goose down comforter
  • Put simply, a down comforter is a bed covering that has been stuffed with soft feathers and stitched together. Cozy luxury down comforters are all that and so much more! The Cozy Down comforters are lovingly handcrafted and put together with high-quality fabric, high cluster goose down, and extra strong yet smooth thread to avoid pulling and scratching which leads to leaking over time. They are warm, yet breathable, so you are less likely to wake up from overheating, and they achieve a comfort level that makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud in your sleep. 

  • Choose the right mattress
  • Following on from luxury down comforters, perhaps the other most obvious way to ensure you achieve better sleep is having the right mattress for you. The comfort and quality of your mattress contributes greatly to your sleep quality. Waking up with aches and pains likely means that your mattress isn’t supporting you in the best way it could be. This could also be delaying your ability to get to sleep and cause you to wake up throughout the night.

    When it comes to mattresses, you really do get what you pay for. Picking the right mattress with appropriate firmness that works for you will work wonders at the end of the day. Although a potentially costly decision, getting continuous nights of wonderful sleep is priceless!

  • Make sure you select high-quality sheets
  • There is nothing quite like peeling back the bedcovers and feeling the crunch of clean, soft, fresh sheets. In the National Sleep Foundation’s 2012 Bedroom Poll, 78% of people said they were more excited for bed when their sheets had a fresh scent, and 71% of people described getting more comfortable sleep with fresh sheets. Using high-quality materials for your sheets not only means that they’ll last longer, but they’ll feel so comfy that you won’t want to get out of bed. 

  • Find a scent that gets you in the sleep zone
  • Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful. Special cells in the nose, called olfactory neurons, receive chemical signals from all kinds of compounds in our environment. These neurons are directly connected to the brain allowing for rapid identification of smells. However, smells aren’t simply detected and identified, they can also produce both psychological and physiological responses. Studies have shown that certain fragrances even contribute to better sleep. 

    Scents that promote relaxation, such as Lavender, Rose, Roman Chamomile, Vanilla, Cannabis, and Ylang Ylang to name a few, make it easier to fall asleep and leave you feeling well-rested in the morning. You can use candles, automatic air sprays or essential oils to fill your room with the calming, sleep inducing scent of your choice. 

  • Bring nature indoors
  • Natural materials, plants and natural sounds can contribute greatly to the ideal sleep environment. For starters, ensure that your bedroom is aired out everyday. Open a window in the morning to allow for fresh air to flow through and circulate out the stale air from the night before. This can help to remove the build up of carbon dioxide, which can make you feel groggy and unrested. You can also add a houseplant or two to help contribute to feelings of zen and relaxation - plus, they are beautiful and natural on-trend decor additions! Another tip is to introduce the sounds of water into your sleep environment.

  • Pillows, pillows, and more pillows!
  • The ‘less is more’ saying certainly does not apply to pillows. Most luxury hotels have at least two to four down pillows deck the bed, and even several more decorative ones to add to the collection. When it comes to choosing pillows for your own bed, keep your sleeping position in mind. Those who sleep on their stomachs tend to prefer a thin pillow, back sleepers find medium support works best, and side sleepers tend to favor thicker, firmer pillows. 

    When it comes to upgrading your pillows, the standard rule of thumb is to replace your pillow once every 1-2 years. Cozy has a selection of luxurious down pillows that will lead you to lose yourself in blissful sleep! 

  • Keep it neat and tidy
  • It is much harder to completely relax and unwind in a messy bedroom. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of total relaxation where all your worries and stressors from the day are left at the front door. A study conducted by New York’s St. Lawrence University, found that people who have a more cluttered sleep environment take longer to fall asleep than those with a neat and tidy room. This indicates that a messy bedroom can lead to a poor night’s sleep, which only increases fatigue and anxiety for the following day. So get into the healthy habit of cleaning your room before going to bed.

  • Add to the comfort with a throw
  • When it comes to perfecting your bedroom for the ideal sleep, textures can go a long way! They can make a bedroom feel more inviting and luxurious, which can certainly contribute to a more restful night’s sleep. Adding a throw to your chosen bedding could double your comfort and coziness at night.

  • Put down a rug
  • Covering hardwood floors or tiles with a fluffy rug could be just the thing you need to add to your bedroom and aid in better quality sleep. Not only will it warm up the room during the colder months and save your feet from a rude awakening if you get up for a glass of water, rugs also reduce noise in the bedroom - especially if you have a partner sleeping next to you who gets up earlier in the morning. There is also the added benefit of the aesthetic appeal of a beautiful rug that contributes to the serene ambiance of your sleep chamber!

    Bedroom interiors, bedding and the quality of our slumber are closely interlinked. These nine additions to your bedroom could hold the key for you to getting better quality sleep. 

    So, if you are ready to turn your bed into a heavenly oasis, Cozy Down has a range of luxury down comforters to suit all sleep preferences and bedroom decor. There are two luxury down comforter collections. 

    First is the Classic Collection comprising the following:

    • Galaxy Functional Siberian / Polish Goose Down: German microfiber fabric brushed for an ultra soft peach skin feel. It also has carbon woven into the microfiber to offer protection against static and bacteria. Its true baffle box construction allows for maximum loft (fluff) while keeping the down fill from shifting. Filled with Grand Siberian white goose down reaching 800 fill power at a relaxing all year weight.

    • Serenity Premium Cotton Siberian / Polish Goose Down: 100% cotton sateen, 380 thread count. Made in Germany. We added a Vital Finish to the cotton, a fabric treatment made with the perfect combination of aloe, vitamin E and jojoba extract, which gives the cotton a soft and elegant feel and preserves the integrity of the fabric through many more washes than without it. Filled with Grand Siberian white goose down reaching 800+ fill power at a relaxing all year weight.

    • Opulence Premium Silk Pomeranian Goose Down: 100% German silk fabric woven with a lovely baroque design. Silk creates high sheen for this delicate jacquard weave. It is sewn with true baffle box construction with mesh baffle material to allow maximum air flow throughout the entire comforter. Grand Siberian white goose down reaching 800+ fill power completes this exquisite piece.

    • Eider Down Luxury Comforter (by special order only): 100% Silk Shell and made in Germany. It has a classic Jacquard weave, with high sateen, 450 thread count and 800+ fill power. It comprises 100% genuine Iceland Eider Down with matching satin piping trim.

    The second Print Collection is a bit more “out there”:

    • Zio Down Comforter: modern reversible down comforter with a simple geometric design against a clean white background on one side and is balanced by its opposite silver sage background on the other. 

    • Jessie Down Comforter: casual reversible down comforter with a light neutral combed design on one side and its complementary darker shade on the other.

    • Geometry Down Comforter: relaxed reversible down comforter with fun geometric designs in shades of blue gray on one side and solid blue silver on the other.

    • Flare Down Comforter: brilliant reversible down comforter with a chic violet leaf design on one side and solid lavender on the other. 
    But they do all have one thing in common: These luxury down comforters will make it near impossible for you to get out of bed in the morning!