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Down is increasingly the #1 choice of consumers who want products that are lightweight yet exceptionally warm. Every day millions of down-filled products are sold. Unfortunately, because of their popularity, some producers focus more on the selling and not enough on the quality of the product. Mass production is common and standards have quietly decreased.

In 1988, Cozy Down was designed to uphold and magnify the unique attributes of down. What sets us apart is the difference between doing the job and doing the job well. Since 1998, Cozy Down has honed its skills in fine craftsmanship with the most delicate of materials to present the highest quality down collection.

Cozy Down Standard of Excellence

Highest Quality

Consistent quality in the highest regard using only the cleanest, warmest down to fill our select fabrics.

Reliable Delivery

We take every precaution to deliver as promised. In the rare case rescheduling is required, we will notify you immediately.

Courteous Service

We are happy to answer any question or give further information via telephone, email or personal meeting.Our bedding lines originate with Cozy Down COMFORTERS warming and cuddling you to sleep as you rest your head on Cozy Down PILLOWS. Protect your down bedding with any of our fine duvet cover sets.


Keep in mind, like a fine diamond, the quality of a down comforter is determined by several factors: 

  • Down fill power
  • Down cleanliness
  • Fabric thread count
  • Shell stitching quality


Fill power measures the amount of cubic inch space taken up by an ounce of down. Higher numbers reflect the size of the down cluster. Larger clusters “trap” more air resulting in fewer ounces needed to produce the lightest fluffiest down comforter!


Many consumers who believe they are allergic to down are really just allergic to the dust from down that is not washed properly. Because down is an animal by-product, it must be washed several times before use.


Thread count measures the number of threads per square inch. Finer threads result in higher thread counts. The weave is tighter making the fabric more downproof (to avoid leakage). The light weight of finer threads allows for greater down loft (fluffiness) and breathability of the comforter in order to maintain an even temperature.


The shell of the comforter must be stitched with care. Down can leak through if needle holes are too large or the edges do not have enough stitches per inch making room for fibers to sneak through.


In order to facilitate long-term relationships with our clients, after-service is a valuable element in our program. We have an in-house washing system imported from Germany specifically designed to wash your delicate down and down-filled bedding. Using mild “down-friendly” soaps, cleansing is complete and recuperative. As damp down is conducive to odor, the item is dried at a low temperature for an extended period of time. This ensures thorough dryness. The item is returned to you rejuvenated!

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