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A Wave of Innovation

Once again, Miele is creating waves in the appliance industry introducing the most durable and expansive range of fabric care systems available in North America.

From European Standard capacity units that can be integrated into your laundry room cabinetry and larger, stainless steel stacking units that stylishly fit into narrow spaces, to our new Eco Optimum capacity models which feature revolutionary MasterCareTM controls and a diverse assortment of true commercial products, Miele's Honeycomb CareTM laundry systems offer the very best quality, reliability, longevity and cleaning performance available—guaranteed.


The HoneycombTM Revolution


For generations, Miele washing machines have been known for their thorough yet gentle care of fabrics. Miele's HoneycombTM washing drum advances this technology even further. Forged from the very best stainless steel with a unique convex pattern that resembles a honeycomb, the HoneycombTM drum enhances both cleaning performance and reduces fabric wear.

The by-product of this patented advancement is an 80% reduction in the number of water exit holes and a network of water channels that create a thin water layer that cushions your clothes while the drum rotates.




HoneycombTM Technology

By reducing the size and number of water exit holes, there is virtually no chance your clothes will be damaged from snags against the stainless steel holes.

As demonstrated in the images to the left, the top picture shows a terry cloth bath towel at high spin speed actually penetrating the water exit holes of the washing drum.

When this happens, over time, the fabric will begin to develop pilling. This wears down the integrity of the material.



A New Revolution

The revolutionary Honeycomb DrumTM (shown left) is washing the same towel, spinning at the same speed and shows virtually no penetration of the towel.

This is made possible by the patented honeycomb pattern which hinders the clothes from reaching the unique water exit holes—which are nestled deep inside the water channels.

This design allows for thorough washing results and effective water extraction that has been proven to be gentler than hand-washing.





It's Proven

An independent study, conducted by WfK Applied Laundry Research Institute in Krefeld, Germany, proves that your valuable wardrobe will be cleaner and last up to four times longer if cared for in a Miele washing machine with a Honeycomb DrumTM.

Now—substitute some of your most comfortable, favorite and valuable garments with the terry cloth towel used in the test above: Wash after wash, year after year.

Would you trust that your fine fabrics are being cleaned and cared for appropriately in anything other than a Miele Honeycomb CareTM machine.

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