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Why steam cooking is so healthy
More flavor, more vitamins: Dishes from the Miele steam oven are a feast for the senses. Above all the intense, pure flavors and the pleasant al dente consistency of the food will please you again and again. The principle of steam cooking is as simple as it is effective: food is gently enveloped in hot steam. The immediate exchange of heat ensures rapid cooking without the need for heating-up time. The food is not immersed in water and so retains flavor and vitamins, reducing the loss of nutrients. A steam oven with its gentle cooking method is particularly suitable for delicate foods such as tender vegetables and fish, but also for meat and potatoes.













MultiSteam is a system which perfects external steam generation. Miele offers this technology in all steam ovens. It is specially designed to meet the requirements of large oven inner cabinets. The powerful steam generator (3.3 kW) ensures fast
steam generation and hence shorter heat-up times in the cooking compartment. The arrangement and alignment of the 8 steam inlets on a specially designed module ensures the quick distribution of steam in the cooking compartment and around the cooking containers. This feature ensures uniform results and guarantees perfectly cooked culinary delights.












Relaxed cooking with guaranteed success 


Intelligent MasterChef automatic programs/MasterChef Plus automatic programs for the preparation of different foods makes everyday cooking even easier. Manual selection of temperature and duration is no longer necessary. You can specify the cooking temperature for many types of food - for perfect results with guaranteed success. A safe and easy way to cater for discerning tastes. 












Cook three different dishes simultaneously

With automatic menu cooking you can combine up to three MasterChef automatic programs/MasterChef Plus automatic programs for different dishes. Temperature, cooking times and sequence are automatically set. The appliance informs you when and in which order items should be placed in the oven so that everything is ready at the same time. In this way you can prepare menus stress free and with perfect timing.



The same cooking duration for different weights


Regardless of whether you are cooking just one portion or a meal for the whole family, whether the food is frozen or fresh, the cooking duration will always be the same in a Miele steam oven. There is no longer any need to weigh food and calculate different cooking durations.








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