Ventilation Hoods

Miele Ventilation Hoods

Available in Built -in, Canopy, Island, Wall



Moving Air, in Style

Miele offers one of the world's largest ranges of ventilation hoods on the market and there is a design to suit virtually all styles and design requirements.  Many ventilation hoods incorporate glass and feature lighting, while others offer a sleek stainless steel design to create a minimal, symmetrical and clean finish.  Miele offers a variety of sizes from 24 to 48 -inch widths including integrated, canopy, wall-mounted and decorative island models.

Each ventilation hood offers extremely powerful extraction rates to keep the atmosphere in your kitchen comfortable. They have low noise levels too, which means you can entertain while cooking!




Built-in Ventilation Hoods:
A Custom Fit Solution

Miele's built-in ventilation hoods are a perfect solution to discreetly mount an extractor against a wall, into the upper cabinet.  This option is perfect if space is a premium or if the ventilation hood is not wanted as an overly ornamental piece in the kitchen.

Effective, convenient and attractive, Miele's built-in ventilation models fit neatly into a wall cabinet, flush and unobtrusive.





Canopy Ventilation Hoods:
Convenient and Discreet


The Miele canopy under-mount ventilation hood is a subtle, yet powerful worker.

Mounted in your choice of custom cabinetry, which can be as discreet or as dramatic as you elect, the Miele canopy hood allows for virtually silent extraction of cooking odors.  The unique joystick control switch is in a convenient position and allows you to control the integrated halogen lighting or toggle between four fan motor speeds.  
With a light touch of the finger or gentle movement of your backhand—which is very helpful when your hands are a bit dirty from cooking—the joystick is a perfect way to control your ventilation hood.




Island Ventilation Hoods:
Decorative, Yet Powerful



Straight-edged or curved, the island hood collection is so diverse in its design, because we know it may well be a defining object in your kitchen.






Wall Ventilation Hoods:
Who Said Ventilation Hoods Can't be Stunning?

Miele's assortment of wall mounted ventilation hoods offers a superb range of choices in virtually unlimited colors to fit any kitchen décor, from the ultra-modern to the most traditional.   Each ventilation hood has its own unique array of attributes that are assured to please you.   For example, the DA279 incorporates sharp straight lines with a rectangular chimney and a very unique strip of indirect lighting, detailed in the bottom right image.  The top of the hood is level, so it can be used to house useful items such as spices, oils and cookbooks or you can elect to leave it empty for a very clean look.





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