Miele dishwashers

The world’s most intelligent dishwashers




Unlike any dishwasher before it, Miele dishwashers were created to be a smarter, genuinely intuitive solution to real-world cleaning challenges in your kitchen. Balancing outstanding performance, revolutionary features and Miele’s unparalleled quality, the Miele dishwashers adapts effortlessly to life in your home — both today and for years to come.


Simply Smarter

The intuitive design of Miele dishwashers is all about adaptability. Built into every Miele dishwasher is Miele’s advanced FlexiCare Basket System, which securely accommodates even your most precious and delicate items — from large wine glasses to heirloom china and silverware. And with its wide range of basket configurations, Miele dishwashers deliver instant flexibility to fit whatever cleaning challenge stacks up next.


Inner Brilliance


With innovative AutoSensor technology, which automatically sets the precise cleaning intensity and duration for best results and care, Miele dishwashers deliver a spotless, confident clean every time — without the need to pre-clean. Miele dishwashers offer advanced technological features, such as BrilliantLight interior LEDs and a Perfect GlassCare system, which ensures optimal, consistent results with each use.


Designed for Life


The Miele dishwashers are precision German technology at its finest, crafted from durable materials and rigorously tested to maintain its stellar performance for at least 20 years. But superior quality means more than simply building a machine that lasts — it means creating appliances that work in harmony with your home.






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