Miele Cooktops

Available in Gas, Electrice and Induction



When selecting new appliances for their home, if our customers are adamant about one thing, then it is on the heat source for the cooktop—it's either gas, electric or induction.

We understand the passion. Not only is it what your are used to, but each surface type has their own set of specific advantages.

Regardless of the heat type, one necessary feature everyone agrees on is performance.

We understand that too, and therefore the products featured in the extensive Miele MasterChef cooktop selection—both gas and electric—are designed to perform to your highest expectations. After all having the sizzle doesn't mean your can't have the steak too.

Induction Cooking


Miele's induction cooktops offer a distinctive, non-contact method of heating using magnetic fields to transfer energy directly to cookware.

The induction element stays cool, while the target object heats up rapidly for extremely efficient cooking.

Like gas, induction is exceptionally easy and quick to control. The ability to precisely control the power makes induction perfect for all types of cooking. It is highly reactive and exceedingly safe.

The cooking surface is cool in operation and only generates heat where the pan sits. As soon as the pan is removed, the flow of heat stops immediately.



Cook on a Higher Level

The responsiveness afforded by a Miele gas cooktop is only matched by the product's performance.


Equipped with a wide variety of burners to manage virtually any cooking task, units provide significant heat output.




Performance Plus

A common misconception is that you can't have top-class performance cooking if you have an electric cooktop.

In designing the Miele electric cooktop series, we set out to change this perception forever.  

High-speed ribbon burners create considerable heat fast, bringing pots of water to boil quickly, and

certainly no longer than cooking with gas. 

Similarly, simmering is designed into the product, as the burners will cycle on and off to maintain a

constant heat range.

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